Natural Light Model Headshots in Arlington, TX: Kristen StephensonPino

Natural Light Model Headshots in Arlington, TX: Kristen StephensonPino


Oh my! What a busy day it has been! Some friends and I just arrived back in town from Houston, TX a few hours ago. There was about a 2-3 hour break in between arriving home and the start of the next photoshoot involving my best friend, her new baby and her family visiting from out of town. There was just enough time for me to edit a few images from Sugar Joiko’s Wreck Sh** Up concert (which was amazing, by the way).

Kristen Stephenson-Pino is a professional commercial model and actress, and she my best friend’s younger sister.


After arriving to Kasey’s home, we began with a family photoshoot for the first 30 minutes. We were pressed for time since Kristen and I were going to have her personal photoshoot at Calloway’s Nursery in Arlington, TX. I called to get permission to photograph at the garden nursery. The manager on duty I spoke with was extremely nice and gave us the green light to come on! We loaded the camera equipment into my car, along with some drinks, fruit, and her outfits and headed to Calloway’s.


We arrived with about 30-35 minutes to spare. We quickly went inside the greenhouse and started improvising. Kristen quickly changed into the white, beaded-wedding gown Kasey had on hand, and modeled it beautifully. Shortly before Calloway’s closed, we walked outside of the shop to see if we could get creative. There were a few empty plant racks next to the blue dumpster, and Kristen had the idea to climb into the bottom shelf to pose. It was brilliant! It offered a unique perspective and incorporated dimension and repeated lines causing the viewer’s eye to move around the image.


The sun was setting and we still needed to get a few proper headshots done. Kristen paid a compliment to me saying that she really admired my ability to capture quality images without using artificial lighting. That really gave me a confidence boost because I’ve seen the beautiful images produced by the amazing photographers she’s worked with and it humbled me. My preferences is to know how to accomplish getting nice shots using both natural and artificial lighting, but I’m challenging myself to use as little equipment as possible to make portraits.

Working with Kristen was a blast! She’s a natural at posing, bouncing ideas, and expressing on queue. I’m excited to work with her again in the near future.

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