Candytopia Experience in Dallas, TX - Jazmyn, Jrnie and Jordan

Candytopia Experience in Dallas, TX - Jazmyn, Jrnie and Jordan


If you are currently living in or planning to visit Dallas, Fort Worth or the surrounding areas, then you MUST visit Candytopia! Candytopia is an interactive, candy themed pop-up museum where everyone’s inner-kid dreams come true. Immerse yourself into a world where over a dozen rooms each offers a unique, sweet view and a fun experience.


I attended Candytopia with these three gorgeous young ladies. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jazmyn twice since meeting her at The Donut Elopement Photoshoot and collaborating on the Video Arcade Project. This was my first time meeting Jrnie and Jordan. They are all true sweethearts and it was amazing to witness how hardworking they each are.

Upon arrival to the modern day candy museum, you’ll enter a courtyard with a gumdrop-inspired playhouse where colorful lollipops bloom from the ground. In the corner of the courtyard is a yellow taxi cab. Everything in Candytopia is an opportunity to take pictures to share on Instagram and other social media channels. You enter the exhibit with a other guests who have booked the same arrival time. The first 3 rooms have time limits, and once you enter the building, you aren’t allowed to go back(wards)… only forward.


The Confetti Room is one of the fan favorites! There is no possible way to be upset once you are greeted with rainbow confetti. There are at least 6 pigs on display that make it rain confetti in the air. A portion of the floor rotates in a circle for pictures that can be captured from their camera right above the area. You can access these images from a web link they give you before you enter the exhibit. Overall, this room was my absolute favorite to photograph in. The ladies gave the camera a mix of fun, flirty and fierce… or as Jrnie would say, SPICY!


The final interactive room is the Marshmallow Pit, where guests have to stand in line and wait to have their turn to jump inside. Once you are able to enter, you have to remove your shoes and place your belongings (minus your phones/cameras) in one of the available cubbies. Afterwards, there’s 5 minutes for you to get swallowed into this gigantic pit filled with white, fluffy, foam marshmallows.


The only disappointing thing about Candytopia was that we assumed the 100 Emoji Swing was going to be there. We were informed at the very end that the swing is in the Atlanta exhibit and that each city has it’s own unique room to offer each town a different experience.

Overall, I feel the money is worth the trip! Adults and kids alike will have fun. If anything, go and take pictures and share your experience with the world!

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