Snap151 Styled Photoshoot in Dallas, TX  - Gisselle

Snap151 Styled Photoshoot in Dallas, TX - Gisselle


What is Snap 151, you asked? It’s a cute, Instagrammable, pop-up photo studio that allows visitors to interact with different themed photo backdrops and props. It’s great for those who love creating colorful content for their followers, those who love taking vibrant pictures, and for those who just want to create fun memories with the friends and family.

Okay, so I’ll admit it. I have become a little obsessed with all of the local pop-up photo studios and pop-up museums around DFW. About a week before this photoshoot took place, I did a photoshoot inside of candy-themed museum with three other models in Dallas, and it was so amazing! It was a breath a fresh air! It’s what lead me on the hunt to experience more of what these pop-ups had to offer.

Gisselle and I first conversed in a local photographer/model Facebook group we are members of a few days before we were able to work with one another. We met for the first time once we arrived at Snap 151. She was dressed in her red and white coca-cola themed outfit. Her hair was rolled with empty, coca-cola cans, her shirt was decked in red sequins with white sequins that spelled “Coca Cola” on the front, along with a fitted white skirt and white boots to match! She looked amazing! Gisselle even brought along some other cool themed props with her.


Next, we utilized all of the backdrops that matched well with her second outfit: A pink top & pants, heart-shaped shades, and peach fur jacket. The green, tropical-plant wall was my personal favorite of all of them!


If you’re looking for some light-hearted fun, hurry and visit Snap151 at 5331 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 175, Dallas, TX 75206. They are located in Mockingbird Station in Dallas until May 19th!

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